Who I am…

My name is Derek Murithi Micheni. These are my official names. I am Kenyan, born in Nairobi. I was born at Aga Khan Hospital on April 19th, 1991 at 5 AM.

Why I Started…

This is not my first blog. It is my third. Yes… I am neither new nor experienced at this blogging thing. My previous blogs failed miserably because I could not quiet my mind, think, clarify my thoughts and write.

That is the past. I am here, picking myself up for the third time ready to give this another try. I am here to share experiences, experiments, thoughts and insights that are shaping my life.

I hope that what I share will help either inspire or change someone’s life.

So, to answer your question, I started a third blog because I want to find meaning in my life. My hope is that we will find it together.